Our Mission

New Albany United Methodist Church (NAM) is a gathering place for people who want to connect with God.  We preach, teach and believe that God can redeem anything through grace as evidenced by the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At NAM we worship, we pray, we serve, we connect, and we grow in faith.  We believe that each person's faith is a journey and it's a journey that we travel together.  Though we all have different backgrounds and travel unique paths in our everyday, this church pulls us together under one unifying goal -- we want to be connected to God.   It is with this same sense of togetherness that we embark on this Imagine Campaign.  

Listen to Beth Pritchard, church member and member of the 2017 Planning Committee, explain why this project is important and how we can, hand-in-hand, all accomplish this feat together.  

Why Imagine? 

  Just as we journey as individuals, so too does our church.  We began as a church for a small farming community.  We have grown and expanded our church family to now include farmers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, military families, great business minds, civil servants and so many more people of great talents and vocations.  And despite our differing backgrounds and vocations, we journey together with a true desire to connect with and know God better.  Together we worship, we study, we gather, we eat, we serve and we bring the message of a redeeming God everywhere we go. 

We now have an opportunity to continue expanding the reach of this church and the reach of the Kingdom of God.  By working together to expand the church facilities, we will also help insure it remains a visible, viable and meaningful part of God's Kingdom here in New Albany.   By embracing and realizing this new future for our church, we will open up many new possibilities for ministry and mission. 

The Imagine Campaign is designed to invite each person in our church to imagine God working in you and in this church.  Whether it's in the new worship space, or new youth suite, or expanded and renovated children's wing -- God will be working in you and through you.  Perhaps the vision of the renovated Centrum space, the Community Room or the expanded ministry space of the Adult Day Care, Adena, will inspire new faith and new mission for you too?  The possibilities are endless and the fun to Imagine! 

This vision is just a dream at present.  The total budget for all these renovations reaches $5 million.  We invite you to invest and commit to helping us reach this goal.  Imagine the possibilities!  

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