Moving Forward!


There is high interest in moving forward together at New Albany Methodist. Our information night was well attended & participation was high. It was great to Imagine our Future together.

This Tuesday (February 27), we will gather to vote on accepting the Design and Scope of project as presented. Tuesday is the second of three votes needed to proceed with our project.


Agenda for Tuesday, February 27, 7 PM Church Conference

  • Summary of Scope and Design of Project
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Vote on Scope and Design

Who is eligible to vote?  All New Albany Methodist church members.

Coming up: 

A 3rd and final vote in April we will present final financial details:

1) What is our cash on hand? The Conference office requires us to have $1 million in cash before we can begin the project.  The project will move forward once that total has been achieved.  

2) What are the pledges to the project from congregants? Members can continue to make pledges throughout the building of the project; however, the number pledged to this date will be used to determine bank financing.  

3) What is the proposed mortgage and payment plan?  We will have more solid numbers at this meeting based on total pledges and total cash on hand. 

This continues to be an exciting time for our church.  Please keep this project and the ministry of this church in your prayers.  Ask God to breakthrough with new and exciting opportunities for New Albany Methodist in the years to come.