Pledge Time!!

Yes! It is the time we have been waiting for...Pledge time! Make your pledge using the pledge form found at church and here.    Your pledge, your generosity and your willingness to join us in investing in the next chapter of this faith journey is greatly appreciated.  These pledges show each family's intention to continue to support this family of faith over 5 years.  

Some questions we have had about the pledges include: 

Does this commitment include my regular giving to the church? No. We are asking each member to give to the “Imagine with God” campaign above and beyond your regular tithe or giving.

How do I turn in My Pledge? Bring your pledge in to church on September 10 and place it on the altar during worship.  If you are unable to come to church on September 10, you can bring it into the church office anytime or email it to our church Treasurer at treasurer@ 

If my financial situation should change during this five-year commitment, can I change my pledge? Yes, you can change your pledge at any time. 

What happens if I can’t fulfill my commitment or want to change it? We understand members’ situations change. If, during the commitment period, you find that you need to adjust your commitment, you may do so at any time by calling the church office. 

Thank you again for your generosity and your commitment.  We pray God continue to bless you and your family and this family of faith.