March 12, 2017

Introduction to Imagine With God. 

Today at all 3 worship services, we introduced the church to Imagine With God.  As a staff and as Church committees, we have been working on the idea of expansion for 2 years.   These years together have been spent in careful examination of the church's ministries and their growth, in detailed discussions of the church's finances and expanded giving, and in prayerful consideration  of the church's positive impact on the local and global people and communities.   After this extensive discernment process, we found that much of our facility needs rehabilitation to meet the needs of some programs and that many of our ministries have maximized, and in many cases, exceeded, the physical footprint of our facility.  

With these determinations and given our church's excellent financial situation, we, the members of the Pastoral staff, the members of the Church Council, the Finance Board, and the Building Committee feel it is time to begin a new and exciting chapter in the life of New Albany Methodist  

Imagine the possibilities with us.  What God can do in us and through us with expanded ministry space.  

Stay tuned at church and on this page for the latest announcements, progress and goals in this Imagine Campaign.