Campaign Update October 2017

In a little less than 1 month of pledging, we have received over 100 pledges from families in the church. These pledges total over $1.5 million!  We believe that approximately 50 families are still praying and considering their pledge commitment.  We thank you all for your generous support of this new chapter in the life of our congregation.  

When will we break ground? Sound financial wisdom and UMC regulations require us to raise $1 million in cash before we can begin construction.  Beginning this project on firm fiscal ground is important to us.  Please consider sending in your first pledge contribution before the end of the year.  Once we reach $1 million in real donations, we can break ground.  

With some pledges still out and 3 months left in this calendar year, we are hopeful that we can move into this next chapter in 2018.  

Please continue to pray for this church.  Pray that we can continue to be a light to a world so encompassed in darkness.