The Timeline


March -June 2017  As we introduce the Imagine Campaign and invite the church family into this exciting process, we ask first and foremost that this family of faith hold the church in their prayers.  We pray for direction, we pray for excitement, we pray for foundational giving, we pray that each member consider their level and ability to participate in this endeavor.  

Pastor Frank will be meeting with families at their request to begin the pledge and commitment process.  These gifts will be called Foundational Gifts.  These Foundational pledges and gifts can be given in total or in 5 year pledges.  In late Spring/early Summer, based on the level of financial commitments; Church Council will meet to determine a budget and approve construction plans.  

We hope to raise $2.5 million in Foundational Gifts by Fall 2017.  This will help fund the current vision laid out by all committees and help us jumpstart the Fall 2017 Congregational Compaign.  

If you would like to talk with Pastor Frank during this period about a financial pledge, please email him here.  

The CHURCH-wide Campaign 

Beginning August 6, we will ask the members of our church to consider making the largest Kingdom investment of their lives.  

The 5 Year Goal: $5 million pledged with $1.5 million cash in Fall 2017.  

August 6: Kick off this amazing campaign with the High Street Stompers at one 10 AM worship service.  

August 13: Join us for an Imagine Q&A dinner 5:00pm.  Imagine the possibilities for your family and your church family with this new expansion.  

August 24: Join us for an Imagine Q&A and get a sneak peak at the beauty of this season's new choir ensembles! 7:00pm.  Imagine the possibilities in Traditional worship with this new expansion! 

August 27: Join us for an Imagine Q&A at 5:00pm and imagine the possibilities for new youth ministry and mission with this new expansion!

August 27: Receive your pledge card and begin the prayerful process of investing in the future of this church and the expansion of the Kingdom.  

September 7: Join us for an Imagine Q&A at 7:00pm and hang with the Redemption Band as we imagine the possibilities for Contemporary worship with this new expansion! 

September 10:  Imagine the Celebration! Pledge cards will be returned in a meaningful way during worship and we will embark together into this new chapter.