May 19 - Groundbreaking Sunday!

What a great Sunday! A ceremonial groundbreaking took place at the end of each of the three worship services. Young and old alike took turns breaking the ground, and having a photo opp with friends, family and Pastor Frank. Ice cream was enjoyed by all, along with several other treats such as “dirt” pudding (with gummy worms), brownies in a dump truck, and a beautiful cake. Everyone is positive and optimistic, anticipating wonderful future ministry opportunities in our new space.

Actual groundbreaking should be in July 2019. Stay tuned!

All Church Conference approves the building project!

On May 7, 2019, an all church conference was held. 87 people attended, including Linda Middelberg, our District Superintendent. A motion was made to “accept the project budget, loan, financial plan, and tentative timeline as presented to the New Albany Methodist Church Conference May 7, 2019: and to authorize New Albany Methodist Leadership to sign the related construction contract withe The McKnight Group and loan document with the United Methodist Development Fund.” A vote was taken, and the motion was approved 73-11.

A ceremonial Ground Breaking Sunday will be held on May 19th between all worship services. Actual groundbreaking is tentatively scheduled for July, 2019.

Moving Forward!


There is high interest in moving forward together at New Albany Methodist. Our information night was well attended & participation was high. It was great to Imagine our Future together.

This Tuesday (February 27), we will gather to vote on accepting the Design and Scope of project as presented. Tuesday is the second of three votes needed to proceed with our project.


Agenda for Tuesday, February 27, 7 PM Church Conference

  • Summary of Scope and Design of Project
  • Clarifying Questions
  • Vote on Scope and Design

Who is eligible to vote?  All New Albany Methodist church members.

Coming up: 

A 3rd and final vote in April we will present final financial details:

1) What is our cash on hand? The Conference office requires us to have $1 million in cash before we can begin the project.  The project will move forward once that total has been achieved.  

2) What are the pledges to the project from congregants? Members can continue to make pledges throughout the building of the project; however, the number pledged to this date will be used to determine bank financing.  

3) What is the proposed mortgage and payment plan?  We will have more solid numbers at this meeting based on total pledges and total cash on hand. 

This continues to be an exciting time for our church.  Please keep this project and the ministry of this church in your prayers.  Ask God to breakthrough with new and exciting opportunities for New Albany Methodist in the years to come.  

Campaign Update October 2017

In a little less than 1 month of pledging, we have received over 100 pledges from families in the church. These pledges total over $1.5 million!  We believe that approximately 50 families are still praying and considering their pledge commitment.  We thank you all for your generous support of this new chapter in the life of our congregation.  

When will we break ground? Sound financial wisdom and UMC regulations require us to raise $1 million in cash before we can begin construction.  Beginning this project on firm fiscal ground is important to us.  Please consider sending in your first pledge contribution before the end of the year.  Once we reach $1 million in real donations, we can break ground.  

With some pledges still out and 3 months left in this calendar year, we are hopeful that we can move into this next chapter in 2018.  

Please continue to pray for this church.  Pray that we can continue to be a light to a world so encompassed in darkness.  

Pledge Time!!

Yes! It is the time we have been waiting for...Pledge time! Make your pledge using the pledge form found at church and here.    Your pledge, your generosity and your willingness to join us in investing in the next chapter of this faith journey is greatly appreciated.  These pledges show each family's intention to continue to support this family of faith over 5 years.  

Some questions we have had about the pledges include: 

Does this commitment include my regular giving to the church? No. We are asking each member to give to the “Imagine with God” campaign above and beyond your regular tithe or giving.

How do I turn in My Pledge? Bring your pledge in to church on September 10 and place it on the altar during worship.  If you are unable to come to church on September 10, you can bring it into the church office anytime or email it to our church Treasurer at treasurer@ 

If my financial situation should change during this five-year commitment, can I change my pledge? Yes, you can change your pledge at any time. 

What happens if I can’t fulfill my commitment or want to change it? We understand members’ situations change. If, during the commitment period, you find that you need to adjust your commitment, you may do so at any time by calling the church office. 

Thank you again for your generosity and your commitment.  We pray God continue to bless you and your family and this family of faith.  

March 12, 2017

Introduction to Imagine With God. 

Today at all 3 worship services, we introduced the church to Imagine With God.  As a staff and as Church committees, we have been working on the idea of expansion for 2 years.   These years together have been spent in careful examination of the church's ministries and their growth, in detailed discussions of the church's finances and expanded giving, and in prayerful consideration  of the church's positive impact on the local and global people and communities.   After this extensive discernment process, we found that much of our facility needs rehabilitation to meet the needs of some programs and that many of our ministries have maximized, and in many cases, exceeded, the physical footprint of our facility.  

With these determinations and given our church's excellent financial situation, we, the members of the Pastoral staff, the members of the Church Council, the Finance Board, and the Building Committee feel it is time to begin a new and exciting chapter in the life of New Albany Methodist  

Imagine the possibilities with us.  What God can do in us and through us with expanded ministry space.  

Stay tuned at church and on this page for the latest announcements, progress and goals in this Imagine Campaign.