How long is my financial commitment to the campaign? These are five-year commitments.

Does this commitment include my regular giving to the church? No. We are asking each member to give to the “Imagine with God” campaign above and beyond your regular tithe or giving.

If my financial situation should change during this five-year commitment, can I change my pledge? Yes, you can change your pledge at any time.

Will this plan improve parking? Yes, this plan will nearly double our parking and create a beautiful covered drop off area near the new sanctuary. Also, numerous special needs parking spaces will be created.

What will be the timeline? The first financial benchmark is $1.5 million. If early donations meet this goal, and the approval of both the Capital Area North District UMC and Church Conference, we could ceremoniously break ground this November, have an actual ground breaking in January, and have a target grand opening around Christmas of 2018. The total cost of the project is expected to be $5 million.

How will this plan serve the Children’s Ministry? Our current sanctuary will be transformed into a wonderful children's worship area. Our plan also will ultimately create six new classrooms and a youth center in the walkout lower level beneath the new Sanctuary.

How will the imagine with God campaign support worship ministries? Redemption Worship (9:30 AM) will be transformed. This plan will enhance the Centrum and seating, the sound system, technology, for example: projectors, screens, and stage lighting. Staging and creative backdrops and set design so foundational and crucial to modern worship, and will be facilitated by having dedicated contemporary worship space. Pastor Frank says he expects the redemption experi- ence to improve by 50% as we unleash our creative talent to partner with God in transformational worship. A new sanctuary has long been a part of the dream at New Albany Methodist. Traditional Worship (8:30 & 11:00 AM) will be enhanced by worship in a lovely sanctuary with larger capacity for worshipers and a larger chancel for music ministries. Our worships will be better able to reflect our devotion to God and our hospitality toward guests. Special occasions will be enhanced in this fresh, new sanctuary – baptism, confirmation, weddings, celebration of life services--and occasional services throughout the year (Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Blue Christmas, Christmas Eve, along with concerts and recitals.)

What kinds of assets can be donated to the church instead of a cash contribution? Assets could include investment property, stocks, mutual fund shares, bonds, real estate, rental property, and collectibles. Personal property that has maintained its value such as automobiles, boats and jewelry may also be considered. If you have a question about contributing assets, contact the church office.

What happens if I can’t fulfill my commitment or want to change it? We understand members’ situations change. If, during the commitment period, you find that you need to adjust your commitment, you may do so at any time by calling the church office.

Is my contribution to the Imagine with God Campaign tax deductible? Yes.
Will the money raised in the capital appeal of the Imagine campaign be kept separate from the regular operating budget for the church? Yes.

Can I contribute to the campaign now in 2017? Yes. In fact it will be extremely helpful to receive early gifts to the campaign. These early gifts will enable us to reach our $1.5 million goal this autumn and to break ground in a timely manner. Please indicate your contribution is for the campaign and it will be recorded as such in a separate fund.

What are financial requirements of the project? The expected total of the project will be around $5 million, with a needed $1.5 million cash to start the project.